Trade Show Management

CMP has extensive experience in organizing large trade shows, poster sessions, and table-top displays. We can make recommendations for your program depending on the size and scope of the exhibit activities you envision. If you would like to have a trade show in conjunction with your meeting, we can take care of all the details. We will also recommend creative ways to make the trade show an informative and integral part of your meeting.

Additionally, we can also help to develop an exhibitor prospectus, establish exhibitor fees, and manage exhibitor registration. While helping to develop the flow of the overall agenda, we can recommend ways to give the exhibitors sufficient visibility. Depending on the extent of the exhibits, CMP might hire a show decorator who can create a Fire Marshal-approved floor plan and provide the pipe & drape. We can also set-up an on-line exhibitor registration site and capture information that is needed to prepare an exhibitor guide.

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