Registration and Website Development

CMP has a full-time Registrar who is dedicated to handling all aspects of registration. Our Registrar responds to participant phone calls and email inquiries in a very timely manner. This includes issuing refunds, processing substitution requests, sending balance due notices, and answering all questions relating to registration. Our Registrar also keeps track of conference revenues and provides clients with custom financial reports. Throughout the registration process, our Registrar is “cleaning” the data so that it can be used to generate name badges and participant rosters.

CMP develops and tests all on-line registration pages in-house. Prior to going live, all of our registration forms are carefully tested in order to make sure that data is accurately collected. When a participant registers for a meeting, they automatically receive a detailed confirmation letter and a payment receipt (if applicable) via email. If a program has a registration fee, we can accept payments via MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. This is all done over a secure server. We will, of course, also accept payments via check and wire transfer. Once registration goes live, we provide our clients with a password protected “view” screen so they can see an up-to-the-second list of registered participants. From this page, there is also an option to sort the data and/or download the data into Excel (excluding payment information). In addition to participant registration pages, we often develop exhibitor registration forms and poster abstract submission forms.

CMP also develops comprehensive conference websites, to include general information, answers to frequently asked questions, travel and hotel information, program agendas, and any other information our clients would like to incorporate into the website. By having this in-house capability, we are not dependent on an outside organization, so the process is quicker and we can ensure excellent quality.

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